Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC Last week was a huge week for the students of Lake Michigan Catholic because it was the school’s annual homecoming week.  Many different events went on during homecoming week such as the high school hallways were decorated, there were dress up days, the powderpuff game, the soccer game, the pep rally, a mass, the chilli tailgate, the football game, homecoming king and queen nominations and winners, the band performance, and the cheerleaders preformance.

Each grade, between ninth-twelfth, was assigned a theme to which they decorated their hallways to accordingly.   The theme for this year’s homecoming was the Disney theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.  

The senior hallway was brought to life by decorations of Magic Kingdom, while the junior hallway was full of animal prints and streamers.  The sophomore hallway consisted of many countries around the world and the freshman class, for their first time decorating the hallways during homecoming, brought life to the movie world and disney characters.  

While some of the students were decorating inside, others were outside chalking the block in front of the school according to their class theme.  Homecoming week also consists of dress up days throughout the week where the students get to dress up according to the theme.  

Monday was Twin day, Tuesday was Disney day, Wednesday was appropriate dress up day for mass, and Thursday was comfy day.  Almost everyone participated on these dress up days and they really brought the theme of homecoming alive, according to freshman Katie Glendening.

“I enjoyed seeing everyone having fun during homecoming.  It was a very happy week and time.”  

The powerpuff game took place on Wednesday evening during the week.  Powerpuff was when the girls in the high school gathered together at St. Bernard’s field to play flag football.  

The seniors and some of the freshman were a team while the juniors, sophomores, and the rest of the freshman were a team.  The girls were coached by the football players in each of their grades.  

The game clearly belonged to the seniors and freshman, for it showed in the final score 15-0.  Both teams never gave up and it was truly an entertaining game to watch.  

The annual pep rally also took place on Thursday afternoon at 2:15pm in the LMC gymnasium.  During the pep rally the cheerleaders performed their homecoming dance and some students from every grade, fifth-twelfth, got to participate in festive games and activities.  

The cheerleaders were in charge of planning the pep rally for the school this year for the first time ever.  In the past, the class council who choose the theme and dress up days for homecoming have been in charge of planning it.  

Many exciting games and activities were included and it was an excellent way to get the students pumped for the football game on Saturday evening.  The boys varsity soccer team also had a game on Thursday of homecoming week against the Titans at Michigan Lutheran’s field.    The boys played a winning game with a final score of 4-1.  The homecoming football game took place on Saturday, September 30th at 7:00pm, at Dickinson Stadium.  

Before the kick off of the game, a mass was held at St. Joe South at 4:00pm, which the entire football team attended.  After that, the Chilli Tailgate was held in the parking lot of Dickinson Stadium and the event began at 5:30pm.  

The chilli was supplied by members of the junior and senior classes and the proceeds went towards their class funds.  At 7:00pm the kick off of the homecoming football game began.  

The Lakers blew a lead right from the beginning from the Brandywine Bobcats and never backed down.  The final score of the game was 33-22.  

Another event that goes on during homecoming is the seniors get the chance to be nominated for homecoming king and queen.  The votes are counted and the winners were announced during the halftime of the homecoming football game.  

This years homecoming king was Jesse Schueneman and the queen was Addie Peters.  The LMC band was the halftime performance during the game.  

They never fail to put on a great show for the crowd and this time they were able to do it in their fancy marching LMC uniforms.  After the band performance, the cheerleaders performed their homecoming dance once again, but this time for the crowd at the football game.  

Everything ran smoothly and overall homecoming week was truly a success in the mind of senior class president, Katie Sullivan, whose last high school homecoming was this year.  

“It is definitely a weird feeling because we’ve spent all of high school thinking about when we would be seniors.  Powerpuff was my favorite part of homecoming.  Throughout the years the school and students have become more conscience and the Interact breakfast was a great way for the school to come together and that is unique to our school.”  

All these events play a big role in making LMC homecoming the exciting event it is.