Melanie Kibler

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – On Sunday, October 1st, a single gunman open fired into an open roofed country concert in Las Vegas, killing 59 people and hurt 527 other people.  This was the deadliest shooting in modern American history.

When the gunshots were first heard the crowd just thought that they were fireworks, until people started to actually get shot.  Then the crowd panicked and people started running to get out of the concert area.  

While people were running some where also getting shot and falling down.  Witnesses said that the shooting lasted for a solid 10 minutes.

The police tried to get in his room, but were shot at, luckily none of them were critically hurt.  Then the SWAT team came up and got into his room, but found him already dead.

The shooter was a 64 year old man whose name was Stephen Paddock.  The  police found him dead on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino with 23 guns and a lot of ammo.

Stephen Paddock had no criminal record or history of mental problems, so he bought all of his guns legally.  None of his family or neighbors had ever pictured that he would commit such an awful crime.

In the first two hours after the shooting the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center had an overrun of patients in the trauma center.  There were people with both single and multiple gunshot wounds to the head, face, chest, and arms.

Other patients went into the hospital because of injuries from trying to get out.  The patients were sorted into different categories based on how serious their injuries were.

The scale was from one, most critical, to five, least critical.  By Monday 2nd at noon there were already 16 patients who had died.

This was a horrific event in America and thoughts and prayers go out to all  of the survivors who were hurt and the families of the people who died.