Jack Janson

Dickinson Stadium- During the halftime of Lake Michigan Catholics homecoming the band came out to march and play some songs that they had been working on since the beginning of the school year.

These songs included; HandClap by Fitz & The Tantrums, The Final Countdown by Europe, Closer by The Chainsmokers, and the Lake Michigan Catholic Fight Song. All conducted by Mr. Jarvie, the high school and middle school band instructor.

During the song, HandClap, ninth graders, Chas Lasata and Matt Warner took a step out from the band with their saxophones to perform a duet.  

During The Final Countdown Manny Insidioso Tucker, dressed in his sunday best with a sash representing that he was on the court for homecoming, took a step forward with his trumpet to perform a piece meant to be a duet. However, his partner, Andrew Glotzbach, was not able to attend due to illness.

While Manny was still performing Jon Jollay and Ben Johnston came to the front to play their trombones in a duet after Manny finished his own.

In the next song, Closer, the entire band danced side to side while playing their instruments.

Finally the band ended the performance in the classic laker fight song while forming the letters L,M, and C individually to represent Lake Michigan Catholic. To end the song the formed an anchor, a symbol of L.M.C.

After the performance I was able to talk to Matt Warner who dueted with Chas Lasata in the first song, HandClap.

He said that the band played “A six out of ten performance” and that, “We could have played louder.”

I also asked him how he thought Chas and him did in their duet. He said they had an “Eight out of ten performance.I like performing duets in front of big crowds” he said while smiling.

I asked a viewer of the performance what she thought of it,

“I liked how this year when the band spelled out L.M.C. they did one letter at a time. It made the performance a little more extraordinary” said Leksi Gaska, a viewer of the show.

After it was over they walked back into the tunnel while the crowd gave them a round of applause with content in their performance.