Sarah Jannings

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC –  On Thursday afternoon, starting at 2:15pm, the Lake Michigan Catholic gymnasium was packed full of students and loud voices, due to LMC’s annual pep rally during homecoming week.  This event is lead by LMC’s one and only head football coach Josh Fairbanks, and our very own sideline cheer squad.  

All grades in the middle school and high school attend this school spirit event along with the fifth graders from the Elementary school.  It is packed full of games and amazing performances from everyone.  

The pep rally starts out with, just like any other LMC event, a prayer lead by Mr. Heath.  The middle school and high school fall athletic teams, along with the homecoming court were asked to stand at separate times while the rest of the student body cheered loudly and thankfully for all their accomplishments made during this current school year.  

Then, the true festivities of the pep rally began.  The cheerleaders performed their homecoming dance routine and had an excellent performance overall, especially from sophomore flyers Ashley Herrera and Bailey Siglow.  

The senior boys then joined the cheerleaders to perform their own dance full of clapping, kicking, and jumping.  

“My favorite event to watch during homecoming would have to be the senior boys dancing,” said sophomore Emily Lage, who attended the pep rally.

The first game, and a favorite by many LMC students, was the pie eating contest.  A boy was picked from seventh and ninth through twelfth grade, along with the high school science teacher, Mr. Salerno, to compete in this game.  

The challenge of the game was to see who could finish eating an entire pie the fastest.  Participants included Christian Monconduit, junior came in fifth,  BJ Jones, senior came in fourth, seventh grader Brady Warner in third, Charlie Fleming, sophomore came in second, and the winner of the pie eating contest turned out to be the only teacher included in the game, Mr. Salerno.  

Luckily, all the participants were covered in a plastic bag so they’re comfy day clothes wouldn’t get covered in pie cream.  The second game was the relay race which consisted of quite a few different teams, with the grade levels all mixed in.  

It started off with the first runner spinning around countless times on the half court line and then they ran to the base line where they had to sit down and pop a balloon.  The second runner had to crawl across the floor and get a football all the way to the base line, while starting at half court, and not using their hands.  

Finally, the last two runners, who were actually placed on the same team because they were siblings, had to get a volleyball from half court to the base line all while not using their hands.  The winning team of this event consisted of Senior, Tommy Koenig with his sophomore brother, Jake Koenig, Senior Zach Rogers, and Junior, Caio Alves Dias.  

The next game involved makeup, which was definitely a favorite by the girls, but not by the guys.  A boy and girl were selected from each grade and the boy was told to sit down while the girl was blindfolded.  

The girl was given a certain amount of time and had to do her boy partner’s makeup.  Let’s just say the results were rather messy.  Seventh graders, Dominic Dubinoff with his makeup artist Anna Kalamaros, won the game.

Next, came the tug a war event.  The first up were the seventh graders and fifth graders who fought against the sixth and eighth graders.  

The seventh and fifth grade team won thanks to the help of Coach Josh Fairbanks along the way.  Then, the freshman played the seniors and it was a match that the seniors clearly won.  

The sophomores and juniors versed each other next and with a surprising victory, was the sophomore class.  The finale consisted of the seniors and sophomores.  

With a very close and intense match, the seniors ended up winning, even though the sophomores never gave up.  The final event at the end of every pep rally is when the cheerleaders sing the laker wheel chant and have each selected grade yell back at them let’s go blue two times.  

Each grade got to participate, but in the end the seniors came out with a bam.  The pep rally was an overall, extraordinary success and the school gave thanks to all the cheerleaders for their hard work in planning such an amazing event for the first time ever.  

This year was the first time the cheerleaders have ever had to plan a pep rally, and they did an amazing job.  

“This is my first year doing sideline cheer.  It’s was hard work planning the pep rally, but it turned out to be very fun.” said sophomore Ashley Herrera.  

It truly was a success and it was definitely a great way to get the students excited for the homecoming football game this upcoming weekend.  Go Lakers!