Nathan Janson

JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL – Last Saturday night, at Dickinson Stadium, the Laker football team was able to close off the homecoming celebrations with an excellent win against the Brandywine Bobcats. The Bobcats certainly didn’t give up without a fight, but in the end it was LMC who came out with a 33-22 win.

The Lakers started off strong with a 35 yard run by the senior quarterback, Zach Rogers. He has only been playing this position for 3 games, but has stepped up, and continued to do so during this big game.

“I just keep trusting the coaches play calls and trusting that the line and running back will block for me.”

The Lakers continued to increase their lead with another rushed touchdown by Will McCoy, the senior running back. This put the Lakers up 14-0, with the help of 2 PATs (Point After Touchdown), kicked by the senior kicker, Connor Christensen.

The second quarter started off looking like the Lakers would continue their domination, after Rogers had a 60 yd. return from a lateral interception (failed PAT), but the Bobcats refused to give up. They quickly scored 2 touchdowns, and made 2-point conversions on both, making the score 20-16. The Lakers still had the lead, but the Bobcats had all of the momentum going into the 2nd half.

After the exciting halftime show, the Bobcats kicked off to started the 3rd quarter. The Lakers drew first blood in the 2nd half, with a big touchdown by McCoy, advancing their lead to  26-16 (failed 2-point conversion).

The next touchdown wouldn’t come until after the start of the 4th quarter, when Rogers rushed into the endzone (PAT by Christensen) to add to the lead. The Bobcats were then able to score again, to make the score 33-22, which they then followed up with an onside kick. The Bobcats were able to recover the kick, but the Laker defense was able to step up and shut down the Bobcat’s offense for the remaining time.

This brought LMC’s record to 4-2 overall and 3-0 in the BCS Conference’s White Division. The Lakers’ next game will be against Bridgeman, on this Friday, October 6th.