Tim Kessler

MICHIGAN LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL – Last Thursday, on September 28th 2017, the Lake Michigan Catholic Lakers won against The Michigan Lutheran Titans, 4-1. This game was very important for both teams, causing a great game where the effort was evident.

Starting out as an intense game, LMC quickly scored in the 6th minute of the game.  Caio Alves Dias chipped the ball over the keeper with finesse; assisted from LMC’s Jack Janson.  

Scoring early in the game caused the intensity to rise, increasing the effort of each player.  Not getting discouraged, ML’s players started to play ferociously trying to climb back to the top.

Dias was able to put another in goal from a rebound shot of the crossbar, making the score 2-0.  With energy in the air, LMC’s players were confident that they had taken the win.  Making sure not to make the same mistake as they had done in past games, which was receding in their effort.

LMC tried to increase their effort with each goal.  As the rest of the half carried out, no more goals were scored, leaving the score as it was at halftime, 2-0.

The star of the team during this game, Caio Dias, achieved his goal for a hat trick in the 58th minute of the game, assisted by outside midfielder, Matthew Rochefort. This last goal heavily discouraged the Titans, putting a firm seal down on the Michigan Lutheran Titans.

A little over halfway through the 2nd half,  LMC’s Manny Insidioso-Tucker was able to find the net after receiving a long punt from LMC’s keeper, Caleb Conklin.  With finesse, Manny was able to dribble through ML’s defense, scoring his first goal of the game, making the score 4-0.

After this last Goal LMC lowered their intensity, causing ML to finally score late in the second half of the game. ML’s Jimin Jeong was able to put one in through LMC’s defense, barely making it past the keeper.

With the final score 4-1 in LMC’s favor, as the game played out, both teams knew the outcome of the game. Overall, this game was a highly needed win for LMC, although both teams played hard, LMC came out on top.