2017 Homecoming Dress-up days!


Melanie Kibler


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL – The theme for Wednesday was “Sunday’s best.”  The whole school participated and everyone followed the dress code.  

The school stresses the importance of dressing up nice for mass.  The students should always remember that dressing up nice for church is a great thing to do.

There were two people who truly went above and beyond.  Those were Matt Marski and Michael Johnston who both dressed up in a full suit.

The whole student body looked fabulous on dress up day.  Great job everyone and keep it up.


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL – The second themed day was Disney day.  While there was a few high school students that went all out, the middle school had them beat.

There were some high school students that deserve mentions because they had great costumes.  Addie Peters, who dressed as Tinkerbell, Eva Schley, who dressed as the Queen of Hearts, and Katie Glending, who dressed as Lilo.

There were some other high school students  who dressed up as well, but most of the other upper classmen used this as an excuse to dress like it was comfy day.  Whereas the middle school went all out.

Just walking through the middle school hallways a person could see some of the most dressed up kids ever.  There are too many awesome costumes to mention any particular names, but a lot of people did a great job.

Sorry high school, but the middle school has got you beat.


LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL – Every year during homecoming week, the high school students dress up for different themed days and this year the middle school students joined in.  The theme for Monday was twin day, and there quite a few cool twins.

One group of girls, Kacey Ristow and Grace Craig, both dressed up as “nerds” and matched very well.  Another duo that matched well was Max Allen and Connor Casey, both looking exactly the same.

Overall everyone participated and looked great while twining.  Great Job LMC!

Tuesday’s Theme: Disney Day