Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– It’s that time of the year again; all of the students at LMC move up to a new grade and begin new classes. Usually the change from grade to grade is not very frightening for most students, but when it comes to the move from eighth grade to a person’s first year of high school, it may not come as easy.

Multiple freshman students this year all share the same opinion. They believe that high school is very similar to middle school, except for a few differences.

A majority of the freshman agreed that there is a dramatic increase in homework during the change from middle to high school. From the very beginning of the year, the pressure is on to get your assignments done and in on time, as well as studying and completing projects.

A common concern was also standardized testing and large projects, like the Capstone Project, where the students must write a ten-page essay and create a presentation based on a theology topic. It’s now the time to start thinking about colleges and it is quite nerve wracking for the freshman.

Despite these fears, the students are still very excited for all that high school has to offer. Some events that the students are excited for are Winterfest and Homecoming celebrations.

During those celebrations, the high school students dress up, decorate their hallway, and come together as a school. Many kids also said that they were excited to move up to high school sports this year.Freshman Matthew Warner has high hopes for the year.

“This year has been good so far. There has been more homework than I expected, but I am really excited for basketball.

A majority of the students participate in sports and are ecstatic to begin participating more seriously and having more options when it comes to athletics. The same is true when it comes to electives like journalism and yearbook.

Multiple students from the freshman class have joined their newly available electives and clubs. Environmental, Key club, and Interact are a popular interest among the freshman.

Freshman, Jenna Cutter, thought the same.
“My freshman year has been new and exciting and I’m looking forward to clubs and volleyball.”

Over all, the freshman of LMC are getting adjusted well.