Cell Phones Banned in LMCHS During 2017-18 School Year


Michael Markoch

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- A major change has been inflicted on the LMC students for the 2017-18 school year,  students no longer can have their cell phones out during school hours without risk of having it taken away.

The students were informed of the ban on the first day of school during their opening meeting with Mr. Heath.

Many other schools in Michigan, even the United States, have cracked down on cell phone usage in their buildings, especially in the classroom.  These bans are inflicted for a number of reasons but most involve not wanting students to be distracted in the classroom.

According to Mr. Jarvie, “The teachers want students to have more focus in class and having phones taken away helps that, also the school needs to help legal causes by taking away the ability for people to bully people on snapchat or instagram and we have to show that we care.”

Lakeview high school in Battle Creek has just put down their take on a cell phone ban, forbidding them from classrooms and hallways when they have a pass.  However; the students are permitted to use them during passing periods and during lunch, which differs from LMC.

LMC students are not permitted to use their cell phones in the hallways at all or at lunch, or they will be taken away for the rest of the day.

If you are caught checking your phone it will be taken away and turned into either Mr. Heath or Mr. Jarvie, then will be in their possession for the rest of the day when you can retrieve it.

Unlike the majority of the students who dislike the new rule, Mr. Jarvie thinks differently.  

“We aren’t having as many bullying issues as in years passed, students are more focused and I believe that the phone rule will be very good for the school as long as this power isn’t abused.  The students are doing an outstanding job with the phones this year, I’m extremely impressed with all the effort they’re showing.”