Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – With a new school year comes many changes, the most noticeable change is all the new teachers.  

In the middle school there is a new english teacher, Mrs. Hysell, and a new science teacher, Mrs. Sant.  In the high school there is a new theology teacher, Mr. Mansfield, and new Biology/Psychology teacher, Mr. Salerno.  There is also the new middle/high school art teacher Ms. Styx.  

All of the new teachers are excited to teach the student body and help them start to love the subject that they are teaching.  

The teachers all say that LMC’s students have all been very welcoming and that they feel that they are going to become part of the Laker family very easily.  Mr. Salerno even said that it almost feels like he is back in high school himself.

“I feel like I never left high school.  It’s almost like I went back in time, but with cell phones and computers.”

Each of the teachers have their own plan for how they are going to teach their class for this year.  Mrs. Hysell says that the kids will be writing everyday and having a “battle of the books.”

Mr. Mansfield plans to “introduce the students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.”  He hopes that the students will respond and embrace his teachings.

Mrs. Ward’s plan is to make sure the students get to the level they are supposed to be on and help kids learn to love math.  Mrs. Sant wants the kids to do things on discovery and learn about the scientific world around them.  

Mrs. Styx hopes to have the students exhibit their art in galleries and exhibit their creativity in the real world.  Mr. Salerno’s plan is to go outside the classroom and explore the world around the school.  

To help students prepare for the new way of teaching the teachers shed some light on what to expect this year.  “You should be prepared to work, but we will still have fun.  It’s fun work,” says Mrs. Hysell.

Mr. Mansfield is offering his mastery of material to the students and looks forward to learning along with the students.  Mrs. Ward expects her students to ask questions until they understand.  

Mrs. Sant says, “Work hard, ask questions, and make it fun.  I want you to be life long science lovers.”

Mrs. Styx wants her students to have fun and share their art with others.  Mr. Salerno says to expect a lot of work and that he is holding the students to a higher standard.  In turn the students get to hold him to a higher standard as well.