Jack Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLICLake Michigan Catholic is one of the few schools that start before labor day.  This early start has been going on for five years and brings a terrible reputation to the school.

Other schools in the Benton Township area always have started the week after labor day. LMC stands out from the crowd by starting on August 28th. A week and one day before most other schools.

As you might know big decisions like this are made by the Diocese of Kalamazoo and enforced by Lake Michigan Catholic schools. So, why does the Diocese choose to start Catholic schools a week early?

It simply does not make sense for us to start a week early. One week hardly changes how much education we get.

Almost all schools in Berrien County start after labor day. There seems to be no reason why L.M.C. should start a week earlier.

Berrien Springs, St. Joe, Lakeshore, Eau Claire, and Coloma are just some of the schools in our area that start after labor day weekend. Can the Diocese not see this. What keeps them from allowing us to share this similarity with other schools?

After researching more I discovered that Hackett Catholic schools also start a week before Labor Day. So does it have to do with religion?

There is only one Catholic holiday of great importance in the month of August and that is the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, I see no reason on how this Holiday would influence changing the date Catholic Schools start.

There is no sufficient reason for Lake Michigan Catholic to start a week early. The Diocese of Kalamazoo should consider moving the starting date of Catholic schools back to after labor day.