Nathan Janson

FLORIDA – Hurricane Irma has reached a category 5, with a death toll of at least 4 already, and is headed straight for Florida. This hurricane is one of the most dangerous hurricanes seen in a long time and is expected to deal out massive amounts of damage.

Hurricane Irma has reached wind speeds of to 175 mph, which is the same as Hurricane Katrina when it was its strongest. Also, Katrina caused over $8l billion in property damages and killed 1,833 people.

Another hurricane that was similar to Irma was Hurricane Andrew, which was the last Category 5 hurricane to hit the United States. This hurricane left 250,000 people homeless, caused $20 billion in damage, and killed 55 people.

Hurricane Irma is tracking toward the Southern tip of Florida and could potentially make its way up the Southeast coast. Everyone is hoping and praying for it to dissipate before it can do much damage, but many are  preparing for the worst.

Stores in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are struggling to supply people with what they need if the hurricane hits them hard. They are running out of items like water, flashlights, backup generators, and many others.

Also, gas stations in Florida are running out of fuel with everyone trying to evacuate so quickly. The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, is more concerned about this issue than any other.

“We have to get the fuel as fast as we can out so people can evacuate,” said the governor, “we know fuel is very important, and we are devoting every state resource to this.”

Caroline McLoughlin, Junior, hopes that everyone in Hurricane Irma’s path stays safe.

“God bless all of those who are expecting to get hit and those that have already been hit by Hurricane Irma.”

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