Caroline McLoughlin

LMC HIGH SCHOOL- The 2017-18 school year has officially started bringing with it some changes in the school for LMC. One of these changes being a new online school communication system that includes attendance and gradebooks called RenWeb.

RenWeb has replaced the old online grading system know as Teacherease. Teacherease allowed the faculty and staff of LMC to take attendance as well as enter grades, send out e-mails and announcements, check and balance lunch money, make lesson plans, and more.

The new site, RenWeb, also has many of these functions; however, RenWeb has been suffering from some technical difficulties. In the past couple of weeks that the school has used RenWeb it has not been entering attendance in correctly and entering grades for the teachers has been difficult.

On the other hand, RenWeb allows the school to put each student’s emergency contacts online. This is a great feature that Teacherease did not offer.

Ultimately, the Diocese of Kalamazoo made the decision to make the switch. Several school administrators throughout the Diocese had tested the site and made the switch to RenWeb to align all 22 diocesan schools onto the same record keeping website.

With the switch all the schools in the Diocese on the same online student management  system there can be benefits for the diocese and the schools.

Before the switch, all of the schools had their own systems that they used making it difficult for the Diocese to keep records, and send out information to all of the 22 schools. However, RenWeb allows a single sign-on for grades, fees, school directory, updating records, teacher notes, and homework information.

Another positive feature about RenWeb is its mobile app that Teacherease never had.

Though there are some kinks that need to be worked out website is still new to the faculty, staff, students and parents.

Although the switch is proving to be difficult now it is expected to have beneficial results in in the long run. Mrs. Sullivan, the LMC admissions coordinator, shared saying

“It does everything Teacherease does, but it does more on the administrative end.”

In the end, the new online website may be giving the school some trouble now but, the issues are being worked on and the Diocese can contact all 22 schools easier in the future.