BJ Jones

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – As a senior, with three years of high school under me, there are things I wish I would have done differently and activities I wish I would have participated in.      With all that i’ve been thru in my high school years I’m willing to spread the knowledge and experience i’ve gain with all of you underclassmen.

All you, underclassmen, reading this can take advantage of things that I didn’t and be aware of the things that will be available to take for granted.

First advice is about SAT as I lecture, my fellow classmate Zach Rogers and I have created pieces of advice that I would like to share with all incoming freshmen.

SAT is a test of a student’s academic skills, used for admission to US colleges. SAT is a test you will want to pay more attention to then anything else.

That determines if your ready for college, and if you’re qualified for scholarships. SAT they say is not a hardcore test but it’s gets you nervous because you won’t know your score for while and you have a fear of failing.

“Always say a prayer before you take the SAT or ACT because god can guide you through anything. Also remember to study a week or two before you have to take the test and the day of the test so you can conquer a decent score. Freshman including juniors should practice taking a test in a timely matter.”

Advice coming from a senior, is basically free information for underclassmen. Read and turn your knowledge into actions.

When you’re a freshman you’re technically shy most definitely so you have to fear your fears and work through difficult situations.

Unless you have friends you’ve went to school with then you had experience in the classroom so that you could maintain your actions.

 “Always remember don’t get distracted and don’t push your homework back and get all your projects and papers done ahead of time don’t wait till the night before to do them because that’s how you fall behind in all of your assigned classes.”

Some very important advice for lowerclassmen high school students. You are allowed to pick and choose your own classes, as long as they fit into the credit requirement.

Incoming freshmen may be overwhelmed and stressed with the amount of classes they are forced and able to choose to take, but at LMC you are only allowed to choose maybe two classes of your choice and take less challenging classes for fear of failure.

Taking more difficult classes can raise your grade point average and make you a more well smarter student. Setting goals and achieving them is also a big part of challenging yourself and leads to personal growth.

Freshmen year is an important time to take advantage of all available opportunities that high school has to offer. I hope you can use my experience to make your freshmen year an enjoyable and successful year, good luck class of 2021!