LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Coming back into the new school year may be difficult for new students coming from either another school or another country. There are a lot of students who transfer to different schools from other countries like China, Japan, Germany, Brazil, or maybe other states.

Last year there wasn’t a lot of new students there were only about one or two students that went into each other grade. This year there were about five new foreign exchange students, there were two new seniors, two new junior, and one new freshman.

Many people don’t like leaving their homes especially if it’s out of the country you would have to leave everything behind. You would be leaving your family, home, maybe even your job, school, and many other things.

Imagine living in Europe and having to move to the United States, you would be expected to leave everything in your home at Europe. When you go to the United States most kids have to live with another family so you wouldn’t be alone in a new place.

You would have to transfer schools where you are used to the environment in Europe and you would then have to get used to the new school and the people there. Whether you’re just moving schools or moving from a different environment it’s still the same change that everyone is going through.

There are many changes for people whether they automatically fit into their school or if they are just out of the crowd and not comfortable with their surrounding.

Lexi Braley, Freshman explains what she thinks about moving schools and how she feels whether she is fitting or she doesn’t really feel comfortable with everyone, “It’s a great school and i’m adjusting to the new routine pretty well, I felt welcomed and I very much enjoy how nice the other students are.’’ This a brand new school year with many new students from different schools or a different country it’s gonna be a tough start to getting used to the environment.