Tim Kessler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLICOn August 23, 2017, Hurricane Harvey was the first category five hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005. Developed from a tropical wave on the western coast of Africa, harvey is one of the largest cyclon in US history.

Within just four days, most areas had 40 inches of rainfall. So far there have been over 71 confirmed deaths, 1 confirmed in Guyana and the rest in southeastern Texas as of September 6th.  

Causing over 70 billion dollars in damage, Harvey will go down as one of the most tremendous hurricanes in history.

Because of hurricane Harveys heavy rainfall, most areas have been flooded to about 2-3 feet of water.  The water as picked up so much bacteria and dirt the water has become contaminated and many people are catching diseases.

Although over 50,000 homes have been destroyed and millions of cars have been displaced, many people still have hope. People with boats are coming from all around the country to help evacuate the people in need.  

Over 80% of hurricane Harvey victims do not have flood insurance, which means most people whose houses have been flooded and destroyed will not be covered by insurance companies. President Trump has donated 1 million dollars to Harvey victims and the American Red Cross has raised a large sum of money also.

Many people have lost their homes, cars, and some, even families.  I couldn’t imagine what the victims of Hurricane Harvey victims are going through.  As a Catholic School we need to keep the victims of  Harvey in our prayers and hope that this horrible storm ends soon.