Adriana Nerio

BRIDGMAN, MICHIGAN – Thursday, August 31, 2017, the Lake Michigan Catholic boys varsity football team had a great game against the Bridgman Bees with the final score of 6-40.

The Lakers were feeling confident and ready to play against Bridgman, knowing that Bridgman had lost many seniors last year, as they were running down the field and warming up for the game.

The first quarter was a tough race to win the lead of the game. However, the Lakers pushed through scoring the first touchdown of the game. Kyle Juza, quarterback, gave an 11 yard pass to Dominic Damico, giving them a seven point lead with Connor Christensen scoring the field goal.

Later in the quarter and on to the second quarter, Will McCoy scored two touchdowns in total of a 37 yard run. Zach Rogers had also scored from an 18 yard pass from Kyle Juza.

In the fourth quarter, the Bridgman Bees had still not given up and scored 6 points from a 43 yard pass, but they missed the field goal.

The defense did an outstanding job of keeping Bridgman from scoring, however, the Bridgman quarterback threw the ball and Daiden Shaw, Catholic Cornerback, tipped the ball to get an interception.

Shaw failed to receive the ball and Bridgman successfully caught the ball and ran to the end zone for s 43 yard pass. The final touchdown was scored by Kyle Juza from a 10 yard run. Overall, the Lakers had three safeties, 57 plays, 375 yards, 3 turnovers, and, 4 penalties.  

The highlight of the game was the defenseWHY. They had an interception which was returned for a touchdown, however there was a penalty on the play, that nullified the touchdown, but the lakers maintained the ball.

At the end of every game the fans, the cheerleaders, and football players sang the LMC fight song, another way of showing appreciation towards our football team and how they have made their way back to the top.  

With every win and loss comes positive and negative things about the game. For the Laker football team, they have some challenges to face even after two wins.Zach Rogers, senior, thought that the team had great highlights but also some challenges to work through.

“Our best highlights would be our win and scoring in the game”. “What we need to improve on is our blocking and less penalties”.