Caroline McLoughlin

LMC HIGH SCHOOL- It’s the end of the year again and all of LMC’s students are preparing for their final exams. Many students are dreading these exams and don’t think that they should have to take these final exams at all.

Most High School teachers give out final exams, and depending on the class, these exams can range from not to tough to extremely difficult. With this range of difficulty, students can end up staying awake studying for hours.

Because all students are different and all students have their own studying methods, the time each student studies can vary greatly.

Final exams can lead to many students having stress or anxiety over the exams and the resulting grade of the exams, especially since the final grade is twenty percent of the final grade each student receives.

Adriana Nerio, Sophomore, agrees.

“I don’t like Exams, they’re stressful”.

Some schools have switched from final exams to regular sized assessments or projects for high school courses. This takes away the stress of a final exam without demining the purpose of an exam, which is to review everything that has been covered throughout the second semester.

Here, at LMC, there are final exams in almost every class and as a result the students will have something to do for all of their classes. However, considering that taking finals away and instead focusing more on projects would help everyone to pass the class, this is something the High School should do.

All in all getting rid of the final exams can lead to having more students in the best courses LMC and other schools have to offer, as well as placing less stress on students.