Protesters Vandalize “Little Mermaid” Statue


Katie Wertheimer

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK– Tuesday, May 30, Danish officials were called to the entrance of the Copenhagen Harbor to see the famous “Little Mermaid” statue vandalized. Unfortunately, this is not the first documented case of vandalization on the beloved statue.

The statue of the mermaid was created by a Danish sculpture, Edvard Eriksen, who made it in honor of storyteller, Hans Christian Anderson (Fox News 2017). The statue of the mermaid has been perched on the rock in the Harbor since 1913, and has has been vandalized many times.

Multiple attempts have been made to destroy it including knocking her off into the water, decapitating her, and painting on her. In this case, the statue was painted in blood red paint with the words, “Denmark defend the whales of Faroe Island,” written in front of it.

This was assumed to be speaking of authorities allowing citizens of the islands to drive herds of pilot whales into shallow water. They then kill them and harvest the blubber and meat (NBC News, 2017).

Every year, the islanders hunt and kill an average of 800 pilot whales per year, but because there is multitude of them (778,000 whales in the North Atlantic), the authorities believe that the killing is not harming the whale population greatly enough to illegalize it.

This upsets many protesters who are strongly against the killing of the non-endangered species, which is why they are vandalizing the statue. The activists believe that the killing is senseless and are taking a stand to make it illegal.

High school biology teacher, Laura Jasper-Stump, believes that the protestors are not going about the situation the right way.

“Though vandalizing the statue is certainly making a statement, doing that is not going to stop the killing of the whales and get the outcome the protesters want.”

Freshmen, Madeleine Johnston, agrees that this form of protest is not going to help the cause.

“If you want to protest, you should, but you have to make it effective. Vandalizing an amazing, beautiful, stunning, mermaid statue is not doing anything”