Anatomy of a Rad Grad Party

Anatomy of a Rad Grad Party

Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – With Graduation just a few days away, Seniors have been sending out grad party invites.  With all of these invites sent out comes the question of who will have the best Graduation Party.

There are certain criteria that every grad party must have to make it fun.  This list includes food, drinks, entertainment, decorations, music, and a student shrine.

The most important part of all graduation parties is having an incredible main course, good appetisers/side dishes, and fantastic desserts.   By having amazing food the guests will be very impressed with the party and it will keep them entertained for at least a half hour.

Drinks are also a must, since it will be in summer and the temperatures will most likely be high.  While most people just go with the conventional “buy a bunch of pop cans and the guest will be happy” approach, if the grad party is to better than the rest, hosts should make their own drinks to share.

Eventually your guests will get done eating, and while some might be content with just talking to friends, others will want to play a game of some sort.  The best games to buy for graduation parties are corn hole, ladder toss, and ring toss.  Hosts shouldn’t be afraid to create their own games as well because it might be fun for people to play a game they have never played before.

If the party is to look cool and well put together, then there should be decorations.  Even just some plastic table cloths, balloons, banners, and fun centerpieces can make the party seem so much more cool.

Music is always a good thing to have at every social event because it makes the atmosphere feel relaxed, and who knows, someone might want to dance.  Hosts should be careful to not play the music too loud, so that people aren’t annoyed when they can’t hear each other talk.

Remember that the whole point of a graduation party is to have people over to bask in the fact that the host graduated.  What better way to show about the student’s high school life than their own personal shrine.  It’s a very neat way for people to admire the four years the host went to school.

Graduation parties are always fun, but with this list it’s easy to tell exactly what to look for when going to one.