Juniors & Seniors Kayaking Trip


Christy Zhou

SAINT JOSEPH – Juniors and seniors went on their kayaking trip at St. Joseph River, last Wednesday, May 17th. It was a great day for kayaking, and the students seemed to have a lot of fun.

This event is put on the juniors. Everyone in 11th grade had to sign up to bring at least one thing, including food, drinks, napkins and silverware. Burgers and hot dogs were prepared beforehand by Mr. Schmidt.

In order to prevent students from skipping school, students had to attend their first 3 classes of that day to be able to go. After 3rd hour, everyone attending gathered in Mr. Schmidt room. After Mr. Schmidt was done talking, people started walking to the river.

After everyone arrived, Mr. Schmidt stated the rules that everyone should be in a group and students are only allowed to kayak in a certain area.There were singles, and doubles, and students could choose whichever one they wanted to do.

Around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the food was ready, and everyone started going back to have lunch. After lunch, some of the students went back to the river, to kayak for a second time.

Unfortunately, Christy Zhou, junior, accidently dropped her phone in the river and was not able to get it back.

Nati Schuneman, senior, was really nice and helped Zhou to look for her phone in the river.

“I was hoping to find it, but it was hard to see and the current was pretty strong at the time, so the phone must have been carried away.”

Besides the mishap with Zhou dropping her phone, juniors and seniors had a great time spending time with each other.