Adriana Nerio

MANCHESTER- What was once a night for teens to enjoy their favorite artist perform, turned into a tragedy to never forget.  Monday night, a bombing terrorist attack occurred in Manchester, England, at the Manchester Arena, minutes after pop singer, Ariana Grande, had left the stage.

At least 22 people were killed by the terrorist attack and over 60 more were injured. Among these 22 casualties, were children and teens.

Fortunately, Grande is safe and was not wounded from the tragedy. This has been the deadliest attack in England since 2005 London Bombing.

Police have named Salman Abedi as the suspected suicide bomber at the concert. Authorities are saying that the suspect was alone, carrying explosives, and died from the explosion. Abedi’s name has been very familiar to the Police for some time.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the bombing, and have mentioned it was a soldier of the caliphate, however, they did not give full evidence of the attacker.

Investigation on this attack is still continuing and questions about the suicide bomber has been erupting ever since that night. People around the world have been praying and thinking of families who have been affected by the attack all over social media. Celebrities across the globe, including the Pope, have taken action by giving their prayers and thoughts.

Ariana Grande tweeted after the attack. “Broken, From the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry, I don’t have words.”

Maddie Markoch, senior at LMC, is one of the many fans who is heartbroken from this tragedy.

“Its really sad, especially because there were so many young kids there. No one should ever have to go through that, let alone at such a young age.”

Hours later local newspaper, Manchester Evening News, has raised over $77,000 dollars for the victims families. Pray for those who have been affected.

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