LMC HIGH SCHOOL-  After several years of dedication and hard work, Mrs. Jeri DiBrito has decided to retire.

Mrs. DiBrito has been working at LMCHS for 24 years and has done so much for the school. Although she spent two months in the kitchen and two months in the athletic office, most of her time has been spent in the guidance office, where she will finish the rest of her LMC career.

Having worked at LMC for so long, Mrs DiBrito has many fond memories of the students and staff here.

“Every class/year brings so many new and wonderful memories.”

Mrs. Jeri DiBrito has been the senior advisor for years and has always enjoyed going on the senior trip to Mackinac. Unfortunately, this year Mrs. DiBrito was unable to go because of a knee injury.

Mrs. DiBrito has admitted that she has had mixed emotions about this retirement and says that she will miss working here, but she is in fact looking forward to it.

During the length of her retirement she plans to travel, get healthy, exercise, visit her three daughters and her four grandsons and visit her family in Chicago.

Mrs. DiBrito has been lucky enough to watch all of her daughters graduate from LMCHS. She has also had the privilege of having previous students of LMC send their own children here and having them grow at LMC as well.

Mrs. DiBrito has always treated the students here like her own children.

LMC Alumni, Emily McLoughlin, thinks that Mrs. DiBrito was a very compassionate staff member.,

“She always made you special like you were the only student that she had to deal with.”

On behalf of the entire student body, we would like to thank Mrs. DiBrito for all she has done for the school and we would like to wish her a happy retirement.