Frat Boy Dies Due To Hazing


Anne Marie Nuter

NEW YORK- According to The New York Times, a student at Penn State University, died as a result of a hazing ritual.  Technically, the boy shouldn’t have died, but because nobody alerted authorities quickly enough, his death was inevitable.

Timothy Piazza, 19-year-old sophomore at Penn State, got drunk and fell multiple times, resulting in him falling down a flight of stairs, knocking him unconscious.

Though Piazza was passed out and obviously injured, his fraternity members didn’t do anything to help him at the beginning and “just let the party go on.”

Finally, one of the frat members sent a message to the whole house saying, “Tim Piazza might actually be a problem. He fell 15 feet down a flight of stairs, hair-first, going to need help.”  They put him on the couch and put a backpack full of books on his shoulders so he wouldn’t “roll over and choke on his own vomit.”

Hours passed while members would occasionally splash him with water and try to wake him up.  After many failed attempts he woke up on his own but soon passed out again.

Some members of his fraternity were accused with involuntary manslaughter and others were charged with furnishing alcohol to minors.

Investigators of the scene said that the evidence was tampered with.  It was said that some of the frat boys moved evidence to make them seem just a little more innocent, though it didn’t work.

Once Piazza’s family got word of this incident, they were devastated.  Not only because it was a shock, but that nobody helped Timothy when he was obviously in need.

“What a tragic end to a very promising life,” said Miss Schmid, the S.A.D.D. club advisor. “This is a sad reminder to each of us to make wise, healthy choices about drinking alcohol.  I encourage young people to make decisions that will help them to be happy, healthy, and successful. Be sure you take seriously your responsibility to care for your friends.  Don’t let them put themselves or others in harms way because of drinking and alcohol.”

The college themselves couldn’t do much to the kids involved in this incident or at the house.  According to Sheryl Gay Stolberg, a writer for The New York Times, the president of the university created a rule prohibiting alcohol, kegs, and all-day parties.

As investigations continued, authorities were able to see text messages from the frat members from that night along with security video evidence of his final moments.  This new evidence brought more charges, such as aggravated assault and involuntary manslaughter, but only misdemeanor charges.

There are multiple lawsuits and charges going around the campus at the moment.  Timothy’s father believes his son was “treated as roadkill, ” and he doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else.