Thank You Editors!

The Laker Current Staff


Mr. Schmidt, Journalism Adviser

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – May is always an exciting month in a school. Spring is in full-effect and summer is just around the corner. In some cases it is a time to look to the future and think about the possibilities of summer break and school year to come in September.

May, however, is also a time when we begin to look back on the school year that was, and the people who will be leaving our halls for new challenges that await them. It is with this perspective, that the staff of The Laker Current would like to share our sincere thanks to the editors of the 2016-2017 school year, seniors, Erika Spafford and Allana Cunha.

Perhaps no two people have put as much effort and time into the product that has seen significant changes, in terms of content and appearance, than these two. In 2015 when the idea of turning the school newspaper into a daily updated, digital presentation first came about, it was Erika and Allana who spearheaded the efforts to make it a reality.

While also contributing the same amount of content as regular reporters, Erika and Allana spent numerous hours at home working, designing, and organizing the content, photos, videos, and layout of the new website.

As seniors,  and four-year members of the journalism class, it was clear that the 2016-17 edition of The Laker Current would be led by these two. Erika, as the Editor-in-Chief, mentored and challenged her staff to write interesting and creative stories, providing insight and pushing each journalist to fulfill his or her potential.

“Erika (through all of her edits) really taught me what it took to write a good article for journalism,” sophomore and first year journalism reporter Nathan Janson recounted.

Allana, with yet another new website to construct, dedicated herself to creating a site that was appealing to the eye, as well as updated with the most important information readily available to its readers.

Adriana Nerio, sophomore, who has worked as a student journalist for the last two years said, “Thank you Allana for all you have done making the website amazing; I don’t know where we would be without you.”

As their teacher and adviser, it has been truly an honor to see these two young women put in so much time and effort into their craft.

While each student, and to more of an extent, editor, puts in a great deal of effort that is needed and appreciated, Erika and Allana have given more to the journalism class and The Laker Current than can stand out in a grade or award.

Thank you both for all of your time, effort, and for truly caring about the growth and standards of The Laker Current, and the journalism class as a whole. You will be missed and we wish and pray for you to accomplish all of the great things that we know you are capable of.

  • Mr. Schmidt