The Softball Team Plays Marcellus


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Friday, May 5th, the varsity girls softball team competed against Marcellus High School in a close game. With excellent pitching and hard work, the team was able to win the second game with a score of 15-0.

The first game started slightly rocky. With low temperatures in the 40s, it was hard to get the team in the right mood for the game, but despite the weather, the girls went out onto the field and played a great game.

They started out the first inning with some unusual positions. The coaches put Anika Gaska, sophomore, as pitcher along with some new people in the outfield.

Though they used new positions in the first few innings, things went smoothly with both teams. They had a strong defense and though the Lakers had some trouble hitting at first, by the end of the second inning, they were hitting sensations.

After the first few innings, the coaches switched out pitchers, replacing Gaska with their junior pitcher, Katie Stutz. For the rest of the game, she was throwing amazing pitches.

The Lakers put up a good fight, but their unfortunate hitting in the beginning of game cost them the win in the first header. It was time to start the second game and the Lakers were ready.

The team headed out onto the field with even better playing than before. The defense was top notch and they were hitting amazingly well. This was thanks to Chloe Simmons, freshman, who, even though she is just starting out with softball, has the hitting skills of a senior player.

She was able to get three hits and after the game, was rewarded, along with Katie Stutz for her amazing pitching, with a game ball. A game ball is a reward given out by coaches for great playing.

The second game ended quickly with the Lakers mercying Marcellus with a score of 15 – 0 in the fifth inning. It was a great game for the Lakers all around.

Simmons said that she was proud of the team and honored to get the game ball.
¨ I thought it was a great game with good pitches. I was really excited to get the game ball.¨

Coach Dan Gatchel was also so proud and thought they did a great job.

¨On Friday May 5th we played a softball doubleheader against Marcellus. The first game we lost 8 to 2. Offensively we didn’t hit very well and defensively we committed numerous errors. The second game we won 15 – 0 in three innings. That was truly a jekyll-hyde double-header. Too bad we couldn’t take some of the hits from the second game and had them in the first game, maybe then we could have won both games. However, the second game showed us we are capable of playing flawlessly​ both offensively and defensively.¨

It was has been a great season for Laker softball. Good luck girls with the rest of the season!