Lakers Go 1 For 2 at Laker Invite


Nathan Janson

EATON PARK – Saturday, May 13th, the Laker varsity baseball team played in the Laker Invite against Buchanan and Watervliet. The first game against the Buchanan Bucks did not go to well for the Lakers, ending early with a 15-3 loss. After that, the Lakers took on the Watervliet Panthers and won 4-3, off of a walk off sacrifice flyout.

The first game initially started off well for the Lakers, as they only were down by one run after the first 3 innings, but that didn’t last much longer. The Bucks began to take advantage of the Laker freshman starter, Matthew DeFay, who was struggling to hit the strike zone.

“We started the game competing at a high level,” said Head Coach Dale Beeney. “When things didn’t go our way some people did not continue to play at the high level mentality that we always need to be at. Against really good teams they will take advantage of any mistakes made, which is what they did.”

They continued to score until the last couple of innings, when the game began to turn around. The Lakers finally started to hit, but by then it was far too late.

The Bucks were able to put up a few more runs in the 5th inning and then prevented the Lakers from scoring anymore. The game ended after that, giving the Lakers their 3rd loss of the year and their first game that they were mercy ruled in.

Game 2 against Watervliet went much better for the Lakers. The Panthers took the lead early, but the Lakers were able to shake off the bad loss and win the second game.

Throughout the whole game the score was extremely close, but in the 7th inning the Lakers were finally able to put their 4th run on the board. Overall, it was a decent tournament by the Lakers, but the first game certainly was a disappointment.

Despite the team’s first mercy ruled loss, Coach Beeney remained optimistic.

“I am glad we were able to come back and win the second game. Unfortunately, we lost the opportunity to compete against Buchanan for a whole game, but there will be other challenges this year.”