LMC Beats Berrien Springs While Playing Down


Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On May 15, the girls varsity soccer team had their second match against Berrien Springs of the year.  Though the team played with eight people on the field (including goalie, though the usual is 11 players) and two of them whose primary sport isn’t soccer, the team won with a final score of 4-1.

LMC had to adjust the players positions for the benefit of the whole team.  Anne Marie Nuter, freshman, and Adrianna Nerio, sophomore, moved to defence, Tori Clayton, Kathleen Krieger, freshman, and Mariah Sirk, freshman, switched off on goal, and the majority of the other were in the same spot.

Knowing it was 85 degrees and the girls would have no breaks due to a lack of subs, and a full team for that matter, they knew they had to make smart passes and not run themselves out.

With about 20 minutes left in the first half, Katie Sullivan, a junior midfielder, took the ball up the field to score.  

After the first goal, LMC still tried to score, but mainly had a focus of not letting the other team score.  LMC held out in the first half with this strategy and Sullivan scoring again with a big kick from the side of the field, hitting the corner of the post and going in.

The second half was when the team had to adjust even more than at the beginning of the game.  Due to a leg injury of Krieger, who played goalie, putting Tori Clayton in forward and Sirk on midfield.

Sullivan scored for her third time by dribbling past all of Berrien Springs’ defense, beating the the goalie as well, resulting in a dribbled pass into the goal.

With four minutes left, Berrien Springs beat LMC’s defense and taking shot that got past Krieger, goalie.

About two more minutes went by and Berrien Springs defense passed a ball back to their goalie who picked it up with her hands, an illegal move, giving an indirect kick to LMC.

LMC asked for 10 yards from the referee, giving Sullivan more space to shoot.  Though the goal was filled with Berrien Springs players, Sullivan was able to get the ball in the goal after Nuter tapped it to her.

     Markoch, senior on the team, thought the game was well played.

“I was proud of how the team did playing down 3-4 players in hot weather.  Everyone put in a lot of effort and did a good job for not being in their usual positions.”

Both teams held out to the end of the game, letting nobody else score.  The final score was 4-1 LMC.