Do Fidget Toys Work or Distract?


Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Fidget Toys are the new trend around the world. Fidget Toys are tools made mainly for students for ADHD, a chronic condition including attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness, or anyone who has problems with focusing or listening.

The fidget toys come in all differents sizes and shapes. One of the many popular toys is a Fidget Spinner, which has blades around that spins.

Studies by Mark Rapport, a clinical psychologist at the University of Central Florida, claim that movement within these fidget spinners do help students with ADHD. Researchers have found, however, that it is impossible to tell whether these fidget spinners actually work.

Other researches concluded that these Fidget Toys do not help much with people who have ADHD or other issues. Rapport found that students who participated in gross motor activity, movement in large body parts, improved better in class rather than those who sat still.

With this information, researchers compared it to the Fidget Toy itself. The Fidget Toys has to impact on students due to the lack of gross motor activity.

Rather than helping a student in need, these Fidget Toys have created a new problem: distraction. Many schools in the country have banned these Fidget Toys for distracting students and those around them.

Lake Michigan Catholic High School teachers had a meeting on the usage of fidget spinners. Mrs. Linda Schemenauer, the high school history teacher, is strongly against Fidget Spinners.

“There is no data that the fidget spinners work, I feel that till there is proof that they work, there should be no spinners.  If these spinners prove to be true, kids that don’t need them, shouldn’t be able to use them”

The trend of Fidget Toys began for kids in need but soon afterwards students bought these toys for fun. Jared Hannapel, sophomore, owns a fidget spinner and gains benefits from these fidget toys. “The fidget toys are cool and they keep me from talking in class”.  

However, Hannapel did mention that the fidget spinner does not help him concentrate. This proves that fidget spinners may not be the best solution to help students focus.