13 Reasons Why Getting a Second Season


Allana Cunha

UNITED STATES – A month or so after the release of 13 Reasons Why on March 31, 2017, fans were starting to wonder if there was going to be a second season to the drama filled original Netflix series, since they had so many unanswered questions.  Even though the show caused a lot of controversial, on May 7, Netflix confirmed that 13 Reasons Why will return for a second season.

It became clear that there were high chances of the series being renewed after becoming the most discussed show on social media.  Controversial topics about the show started sparking up quickly.  From the mental health organizations criticizing the show because of its graphic suicide scene to school sending letters home, warning parents about the show’s graphic contents.  

After much criticism, Netflix released a statement to ABC News saying: “From the onset of work on 13 Reasons Why, we have been mindful both of the show’s intense themes and the intended audience.”

On the contrary, Kelley Golden thinks that season two is a great idea.

“I think it is a good idea because that is what the people want.  The show was too good to leave it to one season, so a second season is a good idea.  I think the boy who had the gun will end up killing a lot of people or at least threatening many lives.  I think it will spark controversies, but there is no way it couldn’t.”

Season two will be released next year at the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week (May 8-14).  It will consist of another 13 episodes and will continue to star Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Brandon Flynn as Justin and so on.  Fans cannot wait until the new season comes out and are excited to see who or what is going to be about.