Girls Soccer Beats Brandywine

Girls Soccer Beats Brandywine

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC-  The girls varsity soccer team won their soccer game against Brandywine with just one goal.

The coach switched up the position of some girls on the team, making the scoring opportunities more abundant.  Anne Marie Nuter, freshman, switched positions with Adriana Nerio, sophomore, moving to outside and she moved to the inside.

After only a few minutes of the game starting, the offence began sitting on Brandywine’s line of defence waiting for a chance to make a run to score.

Katie Sullivan, junior, sent a through ball to Nuter on the outside that resulted in a shot, that was blocked by the goalie, but she didn’t have full possession.  Kelley Golden, senior, followed with another shot that hit the post, but was finished by Nuter.  

Katie Sullivan, Junior, thought the team did a great job.

“I think the team did a great job shifting and learning new positions.  A quick goal really helped our team, along with more opportunities to score.  The defence also did a really good job of not letting the other team score.”

LMC continued to hold their defensive line, but ended up having a handball in the box.  Brandywine got a PK, but didn’t succeed to score due to the save by Sarah Milanowski, LMC´s sophomore goalie.

Neither team scored more goals, and the half was over.

During the second half, there were a few opportunities for both teams to score, but neither did.  

With about ten minutes left in the game, Sullivan got injured.  Her right leg was really bothering her, so she had to sit out for a few minutes until she felt well enough to play.

While Sullivan was out, Nuter had to move in to center-mid and Golden had to take her place in right-mid.

LMC continued to play hard and strong trying to prevent the other team from scoring.  They were able to do so and ended in a 1-0 victory.