Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The freshmen students at Lake Michigan Catholic had thought of the idea to have a Not The Prom Dance for students who could not attend prom.

The Not Prom Dance was the Friday night from 7pm to 10pm before prom. For the freshmen class, the dance was a big hit, earning about $364. Mr. Thomas Adams, the high school math teacher, was the DJ for the night. Pizza, music, and dancing was provided at the dance.

At first the dance was open to only the freshmen and sophomores who could not attend the prom. As the days followed, upperclassmen wanted to join in as their pre-prom. Brianna Allen, senior, attended Not The Prom Dance.

“I went because I was receiving a free pass, my lowest grade was dropped in English.”

Not only was Not The Prom just a dance, but many students took it into to their hands. Hannah Starr, senior, was one of the many students who began the extra activities other than the dance.

“No one was having fun so I brought some fun and the rest followed”.

They began to set up activities around the room, such as playing cards, but others had the opportunity to talk and hang with their friends.

Mr. Thomas Adams felt that the kids had enjoyed the dance and it was a great benefit towards the freshman class.

“It has been a long time since students had a dance apart from prom, they don’t know what to do till at the end but they had fun and I like how they raised a lot of money from the freshmen class.”

Not The Prom Dance had its success towards the freshmen class but wasn’t a great time to some students. However, there were many students that had a great time.

Will Latham, sophomore, was one of the many underclassmen who went to the Not Prom Dance. “I liked going to the Not Prom Dance, I liked all the games we played and hanging out with my friends.”