‘13 Reasons Why’

‘13 Reasons Why’

Ashley Herrera

UNITED STATES- 13 Reasons Why is an original show that premiered on Netflix and it came out on March 31st. Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) is a young girl who committed suicide in high school.

She was bullied and made fun off at her school. Before Hannah killed herself, she left behind cassette tapes for some people who made her end her life.

There are a total of thirteen cassette tapes; Hannah sent out those thirteen tapes to thirteen people to explain the thirteen reasons why she had killed herself. Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) was one of Hannah’s close friends and they had met each other at a cinema where they worked together.

It has also been a main topic for “starting a conversation” about suicidal, which is the second leading cause of death for teens around the world today. Educators and school mental health professionals from across the country are warning parents about the original series Thirteen Reasons Why. They are saying that the show’s  graphic teenager’s suicide could give students mental illness and connecting it to self harming them and suicidal threats among other younger people.

Many reporters around the world are writing up different response about the original series Thirteen Reasons Why and how a young girl committed suicide. Many advisors say to parents to stay engaged with their children, therefore making the conclusion that some young people around the world are thinking about suicide.

In the month that is has been released, mental health experts say that too many of the show’s thoughts on suicide are very dangerous. School counselors from around the country are warnings parents that Thirteen Reasons Why suicide and could lead to an increase in behavior and self-harm.

Lisa Brady, superintendent of schools in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., wrote about it in an email to parents.
“We are concerned about our children watching this series without adult supervision because it romanticizes and sensationalizes the idea of suicide.”
The Netflix original series show has been on top of the charts for 2017 but it also is the number one thing parents are concerned about today with suicidal thoughts. Younger people around the world are reacting to the show and are relating it to their everyday life and all off the bullying happening today.