The Lady Lakers Lose Against Brandywine

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Monday, May 1st, the Lady Lakers softball team had a game on their home field. They played against Brandywine High School and lost sorely in both headers.

The day started slightly rocky. Due to rain and cold temperature, the team was not sure if they would be able to play.

Thankfully, after consideration from the umpires and coaches, the team moved forward with the game. They played hard, but unfortunately the Lakers were having a very rough day.

In the first header, the Lady Lakers worked hard and were very successful when it came to defense. Though the team was able to score, the girls still did a very good job when getting the ball and pitching.

Junior pitcher, #18 Katie Stutz, was throwing pitches well, all night, but unfortunately, it made hitting the ball quite easy for the opposing team.

It was playing offense when the team started to struggle greatly. They were not able to get any hits for the first header.

After a strong fight, the beloved team was mercied with a score of 12 – 0 in the 4th inning. After a short break, it was time to begin the second game.

The team played even harder in the second game, but so did Brandywine. The Lakers suffered the same problems as before, but they were determined to win the second game.

Again in this inning, pitcher, Katie Stutz, was pitching very well, but sadly, her great throws allowed the opposing team to hit three home runs. Along with this, the Lakers were again, unable to get hits.

The Laker team tried very hard, but regrettably lost again in the second header with a score of 19 – 0.

Senior captain, Kelly Golden says that she knows that the team worked hard, but there are still many things that they need to work on.

¨I think we came into the game with the wrong attitude. We weren’t really ready to play the game and it showed when we stepped out onto the field. Overall, are field and defense was pretty good. I didn’t see too many errors, but I did notice a number of things that need to be worked on. Our pitching was not the best last night and we did walk/hit a number of girls. Also, the other team with easily hitting the pitches. Lastly,our batting was very weak and that must improve greatly before next game.

Assistant Coach Timothy Theisen agreed with Golden and knew that the girls could do better.

¨We just could not get our bats going and that puts pressure on your pitcher and the defense to be perfect.¨

Though the Lady Lakers tried hard, it was a rough day for the team, but we wish them luck with the rest of their season. Go Lakers!