Lest We Forget Week

Lest We Forget Week

Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – A spring fling is when a school celebrates many activities mixed into one week.

The LMC High School’s Environmental Club hosted a beach cleanup and a movie, prom, and Key Club hosted Lest We Forget Week.

Lest We Forget is an organization that helps veterans across the U.S. The Key Club had a full week of fundraisers and all proceeds went to Lest We Forget.

Key Club sold wristbands, hosted an ice cream social, and had several paid dress up days.

These three fundraisers were a huge success in raising money; Key Club has raised over $500 for Lest We Forget.

Several families and faculty members had a personal impact on this week including Mr. Jason Devoir and Mr. Heath, the LMC principal.

Mr. Jason Devoir, theology teacher and former  field artillery in the U.S military, explained how important our support to Lest We Forget and others who have fought for freedom.

“I respect and honor those who earned and have worn the uniform and those who have put their lives on the line”.

Mr. Devoir felt that it is really important that students should recognize those who have fought for freedom, not only on holidays, but everyday. Without them, most people would not be here today, having an education, or a home.

As we pass these halls of LMC, remember to thank Mr. Devoir and Mr. Heath for their service.