LMC’s Annual Prom


Christy Zhou

STEVENSVILLE, MI – On April 29th, LMC’s annual prom was held at Santaniello’s Glenlord Restaurant in Stevensville.

The seniors went to the Allana Cunha’s house for prom pictures. Some parents went to take pictures as well.

Around 6:30, people started arriving at the venue. Teachers like Mr,. Devoir, Mr. Heath, Mrs. DiBrito, Ms. Schmid, Mrs. Simmons, and Mrs. Jasper were already there.

Mrs. Simmons took pictures for every couple and those who attended on their own as they were going in.

After everyone was seated, dinner started. Salads, garlic bread, pasta, and desserts were served, and people went to get food by tables.

After dinner, Mrs. DiBrito announced the 2017 prom king and queen, seniors Andrejus Gaska and Molly Cutter.

The dancing began shortly after dinner, Mr. Adams, the high school math teacher was the DJ, and he did a great job. People were switching between group dances and slow dances.

At one of the slow dances, Mr. Heath and Mr. Devoir started dancing together. Seniors Grant DeFrancesco and Andrew Armstrong also did a great job dancing together.

There was a photo booth available until 9:30.  The booth included fun costumes and props that the students could utilize in their photos

Prom was meant for juniors and seniors only, however, if an underclassman is asked, they are welcome to go as well. The only two underclassmen invited this year were Ben Johnston, freshman, and Nathan Janson, sophomore.

Ben Johnston was really excited to go to prom in his freshmen year.

“I had a great time. I’m very happy I got to go to prom with all of my friends, and that I got to be a part of their last prom. It was very fun, and I look forward to going again in the future.”

Nathan Janson  as well, thought it was great to be able to go.

“It was exciting to be invited to prom as a sophomore since upperclassmen were usually the ones to go, but someone was really kind that she invited me.”

Mr. Adams thought it was fun to be the DJ for prom, and thinks the students had lots of fun.

“My favorite part of the night was Mr. Devoir dancing with Mr. Heath. However, I think they need to leave room for the holy spirit.”

Congratulations to this year’s successful prom! Good job seniors!