Freedom of Speech Stir Problems for Colleges


Adriana Nerio

ALABAMA- Several people were hurt and arrested at Auburn University before white Nationalist Richard Spencer spoke in front of Auburns Students.

Before the speech, students had organized a concert, however there were several attempts to shut down Spencer because of his appearance as a white. As students tried to shout the speaker down, supportive students began to shout “let him speak.”

Tension rose between Spencer’s supporters and the students opposing him, this lead to several arrests and protests downtown.

According to Spencer, he has been targeted for many of his speeches and beliefs. Auburn had been trying to cancel Spencer’s speech weeks before.

Debates over the idea of freedom of speech on college campuses has increased. Some colleges believe that they cause too many problems with students on campus.

Mrs. Carolyn Simmons, public speaking teacher, feels that speaker at colleges or any type of school can be influential.

“It is important that we exercise freedom of speech, we tend to forget that freedom of speech that accompanies responsibility and if there are irresponsible speakers that lead to violence, discrimination, and hatred or any other aspect that will be disrupted is not freedom of speech with responsibility.”

Hannah Starr, senior at Lake Michigan Catholic, believes that taking away freedom of speech will have a negative impact.

“It will be a negative impact to students; it prevents students expressing their voice and when we pay for the institution, we shouldn’t have our rights taken away.”

As these debates continue, students are taking this situation as a personal impact. Mobs, protests, and violence have increased since the debates on freedom of speech on college campuses.

From the protests to violence, it seems that many students are willing to do anything for their right of freedom of speech.