The Lady Lakers Softball Team Goes to Lawrence


Katie Wertheimer

LAWRENCE HIGH SCHOOL– On Monday, April 24th, the varsity girls softball team headed to Lawrence for a game. When the girls loaded up on the bus, already feeling pumped up and ready to play.

When they arrived, they started out with their regular warm ups which consisted of batting practice, playing catch in order to warm up their arm, and a pre-game. A pre-game is when the team goes into their positions and the balls are hit towards them in order to practice catching and speed.

While the rest of the team was warming up, star junior pitcher, #18 Katie Stutz, was warming up her pitches with junior catcher, #1 Sydney Gardner. Though a bundle of nerves were going through them, they were ready for the game.

As visitors, Lake Michigan Catholic batted first. Though it was difficult, they got one run in the first inning. As they switched to defense, they were able to keep Lawrence from getting any runs at all.

In the next inning, the Lakers scored two more runs, while Lawrence was only able to get one. The Lady Lakers were able to keep Lawrence from scoring again, up until the seventh inning, where they got one extra run.

Though it was a tight game, the Lake Michigan Catholic softball team won against Lawrence in the first game with a score of 3-2. It was with the help of a great defense, and a hard working group of girls to take home the victory.

Unfortunately, in the second game, the beloved team did not do as well. They lost the game with a total score of 10-4 because of an early finish due to darkness. Stutz says that she is proud of her team even though they lost.

“The first game went really well and our defense was absolutely incredible. Even though we lost the second game, I know we did our best and the team was very tired. I’m very proud of everyone.”

Head coach Joe Herzog shared similar thoughts with Stutz.
The first game at Lawrence was one of the best played games I’ve been involved in in my 25 years coaching at LMC. Pitching, hitting, baserunning and defense couldn’t have been much better for either team and we held on for a 3-2 win. The second game was going the same way until the fourth inning when the wheels fell off the cart and we gave up the lead. We started our comeback in the next inning and had two runners on with no outs when the game was halted due to darkness.”

Though they only won one of the two games, fans are very proud of the Lady Lakers softball team and all wish them luck with the rest of the season.