Beach Clean Up


Nathan Janson

SILVER BEACH – On Wednesday, April 26th, the LMC high school walked down to Silver Beach to clean up any trash that they could find. It was a great way of celebrating Earth Day, and was organized by the LMC Environmental club.

The students were separated into groups, and then given the tasks of cleaning up different assigned areas of the beach. They simply used gloves and trash bags to clean up the sand and the community that they are so blessed to live in.

Andrew Zuhl, senior, and Nati Schueneman, senior, played a big role in organizing this event.

“The community does so much for us, so it is important to take some time to give back,” says Zuhl.

People have to remember that they aren’t alone on this earth and that future generations will live here too.  Mrs. Laura Jasper-Stump, who runs Environmental Club, reminds students that the Earth is here for all to enjoy.

“Pollution is very harmful to others.”

Once all of the hard work was completed, the students ate a quick lunch, boarded the bus, and then headed to Celebration Cinema to watch Disney’s Born in China.

The Environmental club recognizes this and works hard to keep the Earth clean. If everyone gives a little bit of their time, it can end up making a big difference.