LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL – On Friday, April 28th, the eighth graders had a fair full of different high school clubs that they can join.  The purpose of this fair is to show the eighth graders what different clubs they will be able to join next year.

At the club fair, there were many different high school clubs that were being represented.  There was Interact, Robotics, Key Club, Drama Club, Hack Club, Environmental Club, and more. Sophomores Adriana Nerio and Caroline McLoughlin represented Key Club.  

Seniors Brianna Allen, Maddie Markoch, Molly Cutter, and Allana Cunha represented Environmental Club.  Juniors Addie Peters, Kyle Juza, and Frannie Valenziano represented Interact Club.  Advisors like Mrs. Schemenauer, Mrs. Jasper-Stump, Mr. Adams, and the Golobs were also there to represent their clubs.

Caroline McLoughlin, one of the council members for Key Club, thought that the club fair was a great idea.

“I do think that the club fair is a good way to introduce the 8th graders to all the club opportunities the high school has to offer and it allows them to see a little bit of what each club does.”

The high schoolers who were helping with their clubs and the eighth graders both were allowed to eat the donuts and juice provided.  During the fair the eighth graders had to go around and ask the clubs questions so that the members would sign a sheet.

Once the eighth grade had received signatures from every club they turned in their sheet to enter in a drawing to win cool prizes.  The prizes included many different types of gift cards.  Most of the eighth graders showed up, however, they were mostly persuaded by the Bigby gift cards that they could win if they got signatures from the members representing each club.  

Kevin Wang, eighth-grader, really liked that they had gift cards to motivate the eighth graders to learn about the clubs.

“I liked that there was a motivation to have us finish everything but I didn’t like that I didn’t win.”    

The club fair was a great opportunity for eighth graders to learn a little bit more of what is offered in each club.