NFL Draft

NFL Draft

Nathan Janson

PHILADELPHIA – The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft took place on Thursday, April 27th. In each round, 32 players are picked, the same amount of teams in the whole NFL.

The first pick of the draft is given to the team who finishes in last place in the previous season and then continues down the line, ending with the team who won.

Some teams don’t get any first round pick, and others can get multiple first round picks. This happens when a team trades away their pick for other players or money.

This years first pick went to the Cleveland Browns, who ended the season last year 1-15. They decided to pick Myles Garrett, a defensive end from Texas A&M.

After that came Mitchel Trubisky to the Chicago Bears, Solomon Thomas to the San Francisco 49ers, and then Leonard Fournette to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The fifth pick was a big surprise to most, including Michael Markoch, a sophomore at LMC; the Tennessee Titans picked Corey Davis, a wide receiver from Western Michigan.

“I really wasn’t expecting them to take a wide receiver, but it was a great thing for Western. That just shows the great talent can come from anywhere.”

The next rounds continued over the next few days, ending with round 7. It’s going to be another great season of football, with many new game changers thrown into the mix.