LMC Soccer Loses after Shoutout


Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On April 26th, the girls varsity soccer team has a game against Bridgman.  Though it was a long, hard fought game, LMC lost in a shoot out.

In the first half of the game, after a handball in the box on LMC, Bridgman got a free shot in the penalty box, resulting in a goal for the other team.  LMC tried to come back, but fell short as Bridgman scored another goal.

At halftime, the team talked about what they could do better.  Many ideas arose, but one was keep the midfielders in the middle more, and mark individual girls.  

The team was lucky to have 2 extra girls on the team at the game.  Kelley Golden, senior, and Mariah Sirk, freshman, from softball, agreed to play a few games of the seasons.

In the second half, the team came out strong with a quick goal by junior Katie Sullivan.  She followed the ball to the goal and slid, pushing the ball into the goal. This goal gave more confidence to the team and brought hope of a win.

Later in the game, Sullivan scored two more goals, making the score 3 to 2, LMC.

After Sarah Milanowski, sophomore, goalie on LMC, had multiple saves, she let the other team get a goal, resulting in a tie game at the end of the second half.

Milanowski, goalie, was impressed by the team’s performance.

“I think the team did good yesterday, especially on defence.  I think we made good, smart passes and controlled the ball well.  I think we can beat Bridgman the next time we play them.”

Since neither team wanted to end the team in a shootout, they resulted two ten minutes halves.  Neither team scored, which left the only option of having a shoot out.

The coaches from both teams had to choose 5 players to shoot in a shoot out. LMC chose Katie Sullivan; freshmen Kathleen Krieger, Elena Proos, Anne Marie Nuter; and senior Emily Zilke.  Zilke was also LMC’s goalie for the shootout, though Milanowski was it all throughout the game.

Even after 5 girls from each team shot, the score was tied 6 to 6.  Next, coaches had to chose 5 more players and it was sudden death; the first team to score won.

LMC missed their first shot, but Bridgman made theirs, resulting in a loss for LMC.