LMC Shuts Out Berrien Springs

LMC Shuts Out Berrien Springs

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Monday, April 24th, the varsity girls soccer team mercied Berrien Springs at a home game at St. Bernard’s field.

The 76 degree weather and the sun well above the trees didn’t help the girls on the field.  The sun was constantly in their eyes and the heat made it hard for them to fit in a sprint.

At the very beginning of the game, there was a throw in that resulting in a goal from a few feet off the endline.  This quick goal brought up LMC’s team in hope of winning the game.

More and more goals were scored quickly by junior player Katie Sullivan.  At this time, the heat was affecting both teams and everyone was beginning to slow down.  

LMC was lucky to have one sub at this game, giving some kids the opportunity to take a foot off the field and get a quick drink.  

At halftime, the Lakers all got their water bottles and got to sit in the shade while talking about their plan for the next half.  The score was 6-0, so LMC wanted to get the game over with by mercying the other team.

Coach Nick Foxworthy agreed that the team should try to mercy Berrien Springs, but he wanted to make it more of a challenge.  He moved everyone’s positions around; some midfield to defence, defence to midfield, and much more, to hopefully give different people an opportunity to score.

The team did a great job in shifting the ball, as Katie Sullivan says.

“The team did a great job shifting the ball around on the field.  We all worked hard together, and I’m glad more people got the opportunity to score.”

At the beginning of the half, Emily Zilke, senior, scored her first goal of the season.  Soon after Zilke’s goal, the team had to shift around which gave Elena Proos, freshman, the opportunity to score.

Proos had a great shot resulting in a goal to end the game, even though it was less than ten minutes into the second half.