“Save the Bees” Environmental Project

“Save the Bees” Environmental Project

Erika Spafford

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – For their senior-year Environmental Club exit project, Brianna Allen and Allana Cunha have decided to take on the “Save the Bees” initiative.  According to the USDA, U.S. beekeepers reported losing about 44% of their honeybees between 2015 and 2016 (2016).

This is a huge problem, considering that bees are necessary for humanity’s food production industries.  Bees help spread pollen, which fertilizes plants, allowing them to flower and produce fruit.

According to Cunha’s research, bees are dying at a rapid rate due to climate change and a lack of work.  Aside from overheating, there aren’t enough plants for them to pollinate, so they end up dying of boredom.

Inspired by the Cheerios cereal campaign, Allen and Cunha plan on passing out envelopes full of wildflower seeds to students at LMCHS.  Their goal is to have the students plant these flowers at home and attract bees.

Allen decided to work on this project with Cunha because she already had a passion for saving bees.

“I think that, even though it’s just a little bit, this [project] will help the bee population.  I hope its importance will carry into everybody else’s lives.”

Mrs. Laura Jasper, the Environmental Club advisor, is very excited that Cunha and Allen’s project is about a big issue in the world today.

“I think this project is unique and they are the first ones to try anything like this.  It is a great way to bring awareness to the declining bee population.”

Thousands of bees are dying everyday, and hopefully, through the efforts of environmentalists like Cunha and Allen, that statistic will lessen with each passing day.  The wildflower seeds will be passed out by Cunha on April 26th, so be sure to get some seeds and be a part of the “Save the Bees.”