Attack On Syrians Leave More than 100 Dead


Allana Cunha

SYRIA – For the past year in Syria, several terror attacks have been made by pro-rebel forces.  On Saturday, April 15, a suicide attack on Syrian evacuees left more than 100 dead, including 68 children.  A majority of the victims were families evacuating from two Shiite villages, Fuaa and Kefraya.  They had been promised a safe passage out of rebel-held territory as part of a reciprocal deal to evacuate Madaya and Zabadani, two towns that were surrounded by pro-rebels.  

Some disagreements arose causing the buses from Fuaa and Kefraya to be parked near Aleppo city, trapped in rebel-held territory. Everything seemed in control until screams were heard from women and children.  A witness reported that a car was distributing potato chips to the children and the children started to chase after the car and suddenly the car exploded.  Bodies were seen everywhere, many died on the road, others inside the bus.

No one has claimed responsibility for this attack.  This is not the first time these Shiite villages have been under attack.  Many lives were lost in this place resulting in another unjust attack on innocent people.