Man Dragged Off Plane Against His Will

Man Dragged Off Plane Against His Will

Anne Marie Nuter

Chicago- United Airlines recently overbooked a plane and, as a result, forcibly,  dragged a man off of it.

Airlines tend to overbook planes because there are usually one or two people that don’t show up, but this day was different; everyone came.   

Once nobody offered to get off the plane, the airline began offering vouchers to individuals starting at $400 and then moving up to $800, but once nobody accepted the offer they began choosing who would have to leave.

The airline used a random generator to chose who would be kicked off the plane, and ended up choosing a 69-year-old doctor, David Dao.  He immediately refused because he had patients that he needed to see that could not wait for his help.

With Dao refusing to leave the airplane, Chicago Aviation police officers rushed to the plane and physically dragged him off.  This resulted in a concussion along with public humility and videos flying around.

Allana Cunha, senior, thinks that the awful event never should have happened.  

“United Airlines should not have done that under any circumstances.  When I read the CEO’s statement about the incident, he sounded like he was still unsure that the situation actually happened.  Though airlines are allowed to overbook planes, this situation should have never happened and I think he is doing the right thing by suing the company.”

Though United apologized in a public statement, Dao was accused of being “disruptive and belligerent.”  After all of this happened, all passengers aboard the flight received compensation equal to the price of their plane tickets.

There is still lots to be said about this day and everything that happened on it.  People are asking why the airline didn’t continue upping the vouchers or if they even had the right to do this to a passenger.

Dao filed a court paper and began demanding that the United Airlines preserve the evidence for court.  With multiple people taking the side of Dao, he has a high chance of winning the case.

Along with this incident is two others that occurred throughout the week .  

A couple got kicked off a United flight for sitting in the wrong seats, though they had a legitimate reason.  There was also a man who got stung by a scorpion while in flight.

All of these reasons and more are putting the United Airlines in lawsuits and causing people to boycott the company.