How to Get A Good Score on Your SAT/PSAT Test


Christy Zhou

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – All junior students in LMC high school are going take the SAT and the freshmen and sophomores, the PSAT, on April 11th. With only a few days left for preparation, how can you get a good SAT/PSAT score?

First of all, set a challenging, but realistic goal. For example, if you have taken the PSAT before, multiply that score by 10% to set a goal.  You can also find a full practice test on College Board, and do it first.

In order to set that goal, you’ll need to find out how they grade the tests and the average SAT score required for your dream colleges.

Secondly, practice; practice; practice. Practice is the most important thing to do if anyone wants to score high on any type of test.

Also, it’ll help if, when practicing, it’s done under realistic SAT conditions: in silence and timed.

Thirdly, determine the number of questions you should try to answer. Since the SAT is a timed test, it’s a little too hard to answer all the questions in one go.

Same with the first one, set a high, but realistic number of questions to answer.  

Fourthly, keep in track of time. Bring a watch even if they already have in the room so you don’t waste time turning your head back.

It is also a great idea to use some tools to help you study, but make sure that the resources are reliable.

College Board will be a good website to use, “Question of the day” and “Word of the day” are both good tools to use.

It is important to pace yourself. Use the least amount of time to do the easy questions.

In additional to that, just a little tip, do the easy questions first, then the hard ones, because obviously you don’t want to lose points on the easiest questions.

Lastly, know how to guess. Always guess if you can eliminate at least one of the choices and you really don’t know which one to choose.

Know how to guess does not mean that you can just choose an answer without thinking. For example, a lot of the answers may never be true in the math test, like a negative number when positive is required.

Lizzie Stolte, senior who had the best SAT score in her class, gave her suggestions of how to prepare for the SAT test.

“They word the questions trickily, but it actually didn’t ask you too much as long as you pass the words.”

Mr. Thomas Adams, the high school math teacher, is now helping students with the math questions on the SAT test due to the upcoming SAT/PSAT tests April 11th.

“You have to a deep understanding of the concepts and know how to apply them. You can’t just memories the answers.”

Good luck all students who are going to take the test on April 11th!