Promposals and Their Guidelines


Erika Spafford

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The time has come around once again where students are getting anxious about one event in particular: prom.  For decades, prom has been an American high school tradition where couples go to a fancy dance, eat, and socialize.

With prom comes all of the other nerve-wrecking activities: dress shopping, venue planning, and above all, promposals.  Though some people find them awkward and far-fetched, Mrs. Carolyn Simmons, the high school English teacher, thinks promposals are rather great.

“I like how it builds up the hype and enthusiasm for prom.”

So far at LMCHS, there have been over six successful promposals.  Christy Zhou, junior, and Ben Johnston, freshman; Madelyn Markoch, senior, and Andriejus Gaska, senior; Allana Cunha, senior, and Nathan Janson, sophomore; Erika Spafford, senior, and Grant DeFrancesco, senior; and Elena Douville, senior, and Andrew Armstrong, senior, are so far the couples going together, to highlight a few.

Zhou asked Johnston through a box of donuts that had a picture of the two of them on the box.  Gaska promposed to Markoch with a heartfelt poster and a Webkinz© plush toy.

DeFrancesco asked Spafford during the awards ceremony at the Drama Club’s last performance of Sister Act.  Douville asked Armstrong at the beginning of the fireworks display at Disney during the band trip.

Although initially nervous, like anyone else would be, Douville was pleased with the outcome.

“Before the promposal, I felt sick, and then after, extreme relief.”

Now, for those out there who are still mustering up the courage to ask that special someone, there is still some time left before the big day.  Here are a few ideas as to how to go about a promposal:

For one, find out what kind of music, food, or flowers the other person likes and build off from there.  If not that, think of a joke, preferably a joke they’d understand.  

This is sure to not only make them laugh, but make for a great memory.  Another great method is some form of artwork.  

Both Gaska and Douville’s promposals involved a piece of artwork.  So long as the promposal is well thought out and planned, anyone has a good shot.
Don’t hesitate to ask someone to prom.  Though acceptance isn’t a guarantee, it’ll for sure be a “no” if the question isn’t even asked.

Prom is on April 29th, so promposals are going to start popping up like the spring flowers really soon.