Sister Act Play Review

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Saturday, March 25th, the Drama Club had their last production of the year.  The play, Sister Act, was perfect for the school, with numerous people there to watch.

Saturday’s play was the biggest one of the two weeks it was produced.  All of the seats were filled, making the cast very happy and more enthusiastic on stage.

The play consisted of Lucy Arbanas, freshman, playing the lead role, followed by seniors Elena Douville and Grant Defrancesco.  Their powerful voices helped pull the play into a great performance.

The first day or two of the play was pretty shaky for the cast, forgetting a few lines here or there, but this is expected.  Later Lucy stepped up, pulling the team to change the rhythm of things to make it a performance to remember.

Saturday, March 25th, was the last day the cast put on the show, meaning it was the last one the seniors would ever be a part of at LMC.  This was an emotional time for some of them near the end, but it most definitely did not change their performance.

At the end of the last show, the Golobs give out pins, awards, varsity letters, and assigned new members of drama roles such as president and treasurer.  Freshmans Ben Johnston became president, Melanie Kibbler vice, Katie Stutz, junior, secretary, and Lucy Arbanas got treasurer.

Along with all of this was a hidden promposal of senior Grant (the bad guy) who asked senior Erika (a nun).  The timing couldn’t have been better making it a laugh to all in the audience.

All in all the play was great this year. We school will miss the Seniors, as Lucy Arbanis says.

¨I had a really great time doing the play. The end is always hard because you want to hold into the memories and continue with the Seniors.  We will miss them dearly, and hopefully the drama tradition will continue. ¨

We thank the Seniors for a great show in their drama career and hope the new officers can proudly stand up to the stakes the set in place.