The 2017 National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Erika Spafford

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SAINT BERNARDS CHURCH – On Wednesday, March 22nd, 16 juniors became members of LMC’s National Honor Society (NHS).
Dominic Damico
Michael Johnston
Corey Seger
Tanner Nutting
Jamie Tidey
Mary Ellen Nuter
Katie Sullivan
Will McCoy
Addie Peters
Emmanuel Insidioso-Tucker
Francesca Valenziano
Alex Sobottke
Jack Howard
Anna LaSata
Kyle Juza
Connor Christensen

Prior to the actual induction ceremony, the juniors attended a mass led by Fr. Bob Creagan with music, readings, and other parts of the mass put on by senior NHS congregation members. Once the mass finished, the ceremony began.
Ms. Debra Schmid, the high school’s NHS advisor, welcomed everyone and gave a short speech detailing the history of the John Meyers NHS chapter. A former alumni, John Meyers graduated LMCHS in 1974.
With great grades and a wonderful personality, John Meyers had a bright future. However, suddenly, at the age of 29, he passed away due to a sudden heart attack.
In his honor, LMC’s National Honors Society became known as the John Meyers chapter. Four seniors, Hannah Starr, Emily Zilke, Lizzie Stolte, and Erika Spafford, took the podium next.
Each person read a short passage explaining the criteria that members must uphold: character, leadership, scholarship, and service. They also lighted candles signifying these four criteria.
Next, each inductee stood around the altar and took the NHS oath led by senior member Andriejus Gaska. Mr. Gerald Heath and Mrs. Jeri DiBrito passed out candles, pins, and certificates to each junior, symbolizing their new membership.
Ms. Schmid continued on by reading excerpts from each of the juniors’ application essays detailing why they should become members. All students held excellent grades, were part of various extracurriculars, and were active members in the community.
Once the actual induction part of the ceremony ended, Mrs. Kathy Robinson, John Meyers’ sister, stood behind the podium, reminiscing about her late brother. Then, she proceeded to announce that, because of his well-written application essay about humility, senior Grant DeFrancesco was the 2017 NHS scholarship winner.
Although surprised, Grant DeFrancesco was honored that he was chosen as the scholarship’s recipient.
“Being recognized for writing what I believe in was very humbling, and I am grateful [for] the opportunity that this scholarship has granted me.”
This announcement concluded the ceremony, and everyone gathered in the social hall to celebrate. Connor Christensen, was very happy and thankful for the opportunity to become an NHS member.
“I am truly honored to have been selected and I can’t wait for what the future will hold.”
Ms. Schmid was pleased with how the night went and is already encouraging the juniors to work hard.
“Congratulations to LMCHS’s newest junior NHS members. Thanks to our senior NHS members for a memorable Induction Ceremony and reception. I encourage each NHS member to continue to hone the NHS tenets you pledged to uphold: excellence in academics, service, leadership and character.”
With the current NHS seniors graduating in June, the newest members have to work hard to uphold the values of the John Meyers chapter. However, considering their dedication to community service and academics, the juniors are sure to do wonders.